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MINSAC traces its early beginnings back to the 17th century when the radiance of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo's zeal and piety first attracted young women into leading an exemplary life of love and service. From the poverty of the Beaterio with the girl orphans to the wilds of Mindanao...from the ministry among the revolutionary forces of Aguinaldo to the bombings of World War II... from the rural areas to the different institutions, we find RVM Sisters selflessly more

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A Ray of Hope for Yolanda Survivors

By: S. Ma. Dolores D. Ferrandiz, RVM

      By S. Ma. Lolieta Ariza, RVM 

 Payatas Livelihood Project: A Year of Gratitude

 by Marites G. Roca, RSW

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Seed (sld), n [pl.seeds] 1. Any part from a new plant will grow; 2. The source, origin, or beginning of anything; 3. Social Enhancement for Empowerment and Development, the most fitting description for MINSAC’s initiatives in the attainment of its vision of sustainable communities where people live with dignity. “Give a person to eat; he/she will live for a day, give him/her a seed and teach him/her how to sow it, he/she will live for life.” As an organization, MINSAC commits itself to community development by enhancing people’s potentials and capabilities; active participation throughcollective action for more